• Chair, Cryosol Working Group (IUSS)

  • Senior Researcher in Soil Cryology Lab, Institute of Physico-Chemical and Biological Problems  in Soil Science (Russian Academy of Sciences);

  • PhD in biology (2010, Moscow State University);

  • MSc in soil science (2006, Pushchino State University);

  • Graduated from Orel State University in 2004.

My new nonfiction book about my first fieldtrip to Arctic is available for pre-ordering (in Russian)

запас в 1м.png
Arctic - Alexey Lupachev

"Arctic". Interview with "Silver Rain - Orel" radiostation (in Russian).

Cherskii scientific station on the Kolyma River

(with English subs).
Drone footage: Vladimir Tumskoi

Antarctica - Alexey Lupachev

"Antarctica". Interview with "Silver Rain - Orel" radiostation (in Russian).

Fly over the Kolyma River.

Aerial view of Duvanny Yar permafrost exposure.
Drone footage: Vladimir Tumskoi

Sailing the Kolyma river and the East-Siberian sea.

TV-show "Question of science".
Interview to Russia-24 channel about origin and growth of Batagai megaslump (in Russian)

Short video about the expedition to the Lena Delta (Samoylovskii Island) in 2020

Interview to Moscow region TV channel "360"

Labour and leisure of young scientist.

(in Russian)

Arctic.ru webinar about the last 35 years of tundra permafrost-affected soils research at Kolyma Lowland (English subtitles).

TV-show "Young scientists of Russia" with Alexey Lupachev and Vassily Mironov (in Russian).