Ornitogenic soils – specific type of soil formation, which is typical first of lal for Southern hemisphere, but although spreaded in Northern one. Ornitogenic soil formation is expressed mainly in subsidence of terrestrial soils by organic matter of guano and further development of postornitogenic successions of soils and vegetation communities. Moreover, ornitogenic translocation of seeds and even separate plants, able to germination result in initial colonization of free substrata’s not only in coastal, but even in interglacial zones. This result in starting of initial stages of soil formation. Ornitogenic transport plays also crucial role in redistribution of toxicants in ecosystems. In this context the project is aimed for investigation of genesis, geography, chemistry, biology of ornitogenic soils as well as humification and biogeochemical processes in conditions of ornitogenic effects on examples of Sub Antarctic and coastal Antarctic. Role of the birds in development in evolution of soil cover will be investigated on case studies of various ornitogenic and post ornitogenic soils with special relation to those fact that soil in Antarctica formed in conditions of deficit organic matter of plant origin. Specific attention will be payed to accumulation of various pollutants which can by translocated via the food chains and could be accumulated in tissues and organs, and to metabolites of birds, which can further to be accumulated and stored in soil profiles, exposed to the ornitogenic impact.